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    photoshop freezes when i return from illustrator with vector on clipboard

      • if i copy something in illustrator and switch to photoshop, photoshop freezes. if i switch back to illustrator, it's frozen too.
      • this is a fresh install of CC on a new Lenovo desktop (Windows 8, 64bit, 16GB RAM, quad 3.1 GHz).
      • i did this four times this morning with black and alpha gradient vectors i wanted to make into ps brushes that came in about 500px square.
      • three times, i moved over to a browser to research the issue, returned to photoshop 5-10 minutes later and it worked fine. i sat and waited in photoshop for three minutes once before giving up.
      • anyone ever seen anything like this?


      illustrator misbehaving, following photoshop's example:Capture.JPG