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    A 'basic' space in GREP??

    Didi_Hirsch Level 1

      I am copy/pasting text into InDesign from a PDF and now I have to remove all of the hard returns from the formatting.


      To do this, I am going to Edit/Find-Change and replacing all 'End of Paragraph'.


      I want to replace with a simple space.  The kind that would happen when you hit the space bar on your keyboard.  Hidden Characters shows this as a simple dot.


      This kind of space does not appear to be available from the GREP dropdown for White Space.  Instead they have a huge variety of spaces (Em, En, Nonbreaking, Hair, Quarter, etc, etc.)


      Why in the world would they not have this common, basic space as an option and how do I tell Find/Change to replace these paragraph returns with the 'basic' space?