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    Flash MX and XML

    Dave.Hollings Level 1

      I have been working on a flash app to provide users with an FAQ area for a program I look after. I have all the faq solutions in individual txt files which flash pulls in once the user has selected a question which relates to their issue. The problem I am having some of the text files use characters such as ' and %. When looking at these files that flash pulls in half the text after these characters is either missing or joined up without a space.

      The dynamic text field has been set to render text as HTML and I thought I would allow some basic html tags within the text file, so I tried using the HTML number or name to reference the correct character I need such as ' for ' and % for %. Again these just made the rest of text after them disappear.

      Can anyone help shed some light on a different way, or what the capability of this method actually is? I was thinking XML but I'm need very familiar with it and think I need some flash communication software to work. Not sure if this is true if not then maybe XML could work but will need some direction on how to get started.

      Many thanks for your time I'd appreciate any help I receive.