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    Image Sequences and Batch Processing: Can opening files from different folders as image sequences be set up as an action for batch processing?


      I have an ongoing series of tasks that necessitates opening the contents of a series of folders as image sequences.


      I'm used to setting up some fairly complex actions, including ones that are intended to be applied to all of the contents of materials in various subfolders, but for some reason I cannot get an Open-with-Image-Sequence-Checked action to set up in a way that will batch process correctly.


      Complicating matters is that the file prefixes (i.e., the letters before the sequential numbers) and the folders will always have different names from the last time the process had to be carried out.


      The steps I would like the action to carry out would be the following:


      1. Open Subfolder 1 - that is, Photoshop shouldn't be looking for a specific folder. It's just *any* subfolder to the current parent folder.

      2. Select first file in sequenced set of files.

      3. Open as an image sequence.

      4. Open Subfolder 2.

      5. Select first file in sequenced set of files.

      6. Open as an image sequence.


      ...rinse and repeat until Photoshop runs out of subfolders to check.


      Am I asking the impossible?