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    How can I move an image/file around inside a document with text already in it?


      I'm learning In Design on the job, and it's a real challenge.  One big problem I'm having is, after I've placed an image inside a document with text in it, how do I place it precisely where I want it?  Sometimes I need the image flush to the left, and sometimes I need to center it.  When I place it, it doesn't land where I need it to be.  Things I've tried work sometimes but not other times.  I've tried going to Paragraph and reducing the setting to zero to move an image flush to the left of the text frame/column (I'm working with a three-column page).  Sometimes that works, and sometimes it does not.  When it doesn't, I've tried using the Selection tool to drag the image, but it doesn't respond.  Could someone give me an idea of what I'm overlooking?  I'm finding that InDesign has many settings, and all it takes is for one setting to be what it shouldn't be for things to go badly wrong.  I'm having other issues too, but in this discussion I'll stick to this.