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    Creating a dynamic portfolio

      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to set up a portfolio where an image loads only if the user selects the images thumbnail. A tutorial explained this very well. Unfortunately, my flash file uses variables to pass information.

      Does anyone know how to make this code work using variables?

      Here is the code that they recommend placing on the button:

      click here to view tutorial

      function portfolioLoader (image) {
      main_mc.contentPath = image;

      comp_but.onRelease = function (){

      Here is the code attached to the current button that I use for my thumbnails:

      on (release) {
      if (_root.kk<>num and _root.gg == 0 and _root.link == 1 and _root.animation == 1) {
      _root.kk = num;
      } else if (_root.link<>1 and _root.animation == 1) {
      _root.animation = 0;
      _root.link = 1;
      _root.kk = num;

      root.kk is the movie clip that contains the timeline for my large images.

      Here is the URL of my website:
      Premier Outdoor Solutions

      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!