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    Can someone recommend an efficient workflow for creating and maintaining web ads in multiple sizes?


      I work for an online news site that runs ads from multiple clients. These ads (animated gifs) are sometimes run across multiple sizes (728x90, 510x60, 300x250, etc), and are often changed week to week.


      Currently, I have a separate photoshop file for each ad & when a client requests a change, I have no choice but to go through and edit each individual ad size, then re-export themas animated gifs. Some clients require 4-5 different ad sizes, per ad, and if they change their mind on something, I have to go back and edit 4-5 ads. Each set of ads is saved in a dated folder that rests within the client's folder. We are extremely busy at work & the ads are piling up. Just wondering if someone had a good suggestion for an easier way to create & maintain these ads. I haven't used the asset generator...I'm wondering if that is a solution?


      Also...bonus question ...with auto-select checked, is there a way to select items that are in a grouped folder without selecting the entire group? I currently have to uncheck "auto-select", select the layer in the layers panel and then am able to move the object.


      Thanks in advance!