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    Trouble with step 8?


      Hi. I am having trouble with step #8 of the walkthrough and cannot seem to find anyone else with a similar problem. When I try to install flash player, something pops up telling me to close all web browsers I have up. I do this and then click 'retry' but nothing happens. It still shows that I have a safari browser open even though I do not. I have tried and re-downloaded it several times, checked and double checked that I do not have any browsers open, and it still ends up not being able to install. I looked at all of the troubleshooting solutions and FAQs, and looked at the message boards but it appears that this is an uncommon problem. Help is much appreciated! Thank you!

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          On Mac, when you close the browser the application continues to run.  You need to quit the application for the installation to proceed.  Open Activity Monitor in Applications > Utilities.  Look for Safari, select it and then select 'Quit Process'.  You may need to adjust the filter to view 'All Processes' as initially it defaults to 'My Processes'.