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    Database handled fuse action - Opinions

      I am currently in the process of developing a new cms framework for my place of employ and have a couple of questions that I would like the communities opinions from past/present experiences on. Now I am not trying to start a framework/fusebox debate, however my question is topical to this subject.

      My employer's past framework has been based on that of a early fusebox method, containing lots of fbx_ files with lots of fragemented switches, that work their way into each module eventually. I am finding this method extremely messy, un-reliable at times, and time consuming to update and manage. I should point out that they are currently still using Coldfusion 5 due to our hosting (I know), so new MVC frameworks, etc are not really an option.

      With this in mind, the proposed outcome that I have been endeavouring to achieve has been a fuse like framework, that instead of relying on fbx_ files or xml files to parse (cf5 remember!), stores all fuses, methods, etc in the database which is managed via a administrators console within the cms. These records are then recieved and stored in the application scope, and flushed only when needed or given an application variable timeout.

      This is the basic outline of what I am thinking of putting in place, and although a little more involved and obviously more thought has gone into it then on these pages, I would like to know if there has been others that have tried/achieve this type of model, and are there any pitfalls or benefits that I may not have realised at this point?

      Any comments would be well recieved, and thanks for your time.

      Happy fusioning.