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    How can you change individual words in a PDF using javascript?




      I am trying to do some simple text replacement in a PDF file using Acrobat. Specifically, I want to do some simple transliteration of words or partial transliteration. For instance, I would like to change a word like "red" to "ρed". This is to help me get used to the Greek alphabet step by step.


      Anyway, I downloaded Acrobat and there is no feature to do a single letter search and replace -- only word replacement. I have a Computer Science degree and decided to investigate the javascript capabilities to see if I can make those a simple letter replacement script. However, I have gotten to the point where I can cycle through every word in the PDF (using functions like getPageNthWord), and I can make a replacement on the string returned using something like: val.replace(/r/, "ρ"). However, I don't know how to replace the word in the PDF file....such as with a hypothetical function setPageNthWord (which does not exit). I have found the online documentation very thin on this, and I am scratching my head. Perhaps, it is something to do with the PDF format that I do not understand. So, is there a way to simply change text of a PDF file, like I am asking? All I am looking for is simple script to change a letter to another across a PDF.


      thanks if you can help