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    Issue with TweenMax alpha

    Paolo Jerome

      Hi! I just started using Greensock plugin for Edge the other day. I'm having this problem with the alpha effect.


      Everytime I click on the Trigger the effect of alpha seems to be stuck when I click faster until it disappears. I think I have to disable the trigger when the symbol is playing but I don't know the function to use.


      if (sym.getSymbol("arm2").isPlaying() == true){


      sym.$("hi").html("why did you stop?");

      TweenMax.from(hello, 0.5, {alpha:0});





      else if (sym.getSymbol("arm2").isPlaying() != true){

      sym.$("hi").html("hi again!");




      TweenMax.from(hello, 0.5, {alpha:0});