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    Pshop not initializing

    george gen Level 1

      I have set accidentally Photoshop to use as a scratch disk some drive that might have some issues and now Photoshop wont boot. It starts with a msg saying "Photoshop could not initialize because the disk is not available".

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          Toaosog Level 1

          In the event a backup clone is required to restore an OS and Applications, CS6 "CAN" fail to launch correctly due to changes in hardware configuration.

          This includes Scratch Disk settings.


          The fix is to access the User / Library / Preferences / Adobe / application name / preferences.... and delete it.

          The application associated file is named "..." Prefs.psp


          For example, (application name) each CS6 Suite has its own Application Preferences.

          Therefore you may have to repeat this for each Application in the CS6 Suite


          Relaunch the Application and a new preferences "Prefs.psp" will be generated.

          THEN.... choose your preferences from within the Application.


          Depending on your OS, access to the User Library varies.

          Look up how to do this based upon your OS.


          Just to be perfectly clear....

          (for example.... User / Library / Preferences / Adobe Photoshop CS4 Settings / Adobe Photoshop CS4 Prefs.psp.... OR.... User / Library / Preferences / Adobe Photoshop CS6 Settings / Adobe Photoshop CS6 Prefs.psp)

          You get the idea.

          What changes is the Suite Application name.

          Each has its own preferences or Prefs.psp file.