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    Inserting multiple options in a hyperlink

      I'm very new to the online help world. I've just recently had a 3-day class on RoboHelp HTML. I've been conveting a RH for Word into HTML and I've encountered a problem/question.
      In the Classic, Word version the previous author inserted a multiple topic choice dialog box as a hyperlink on the topic's body text. From here the user would find two options from which to choose as a help topic. The user would then pick one and would be jumped to that topic and the dialog box would close.
      I've only found the "related topics" feature in HTML which inserts a button or graphic that allows this multiple topic feature.
      Is there a way to have the multiple topics dialog box appear when linked to an existing word/phrase (or in an image map) in the topic's body?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Wendy

          Indeed you may do this. As you have discovered, the way you do it is by using a Related Topics control. The trick here is to configure the control as hidden. Then "Click" it using a tiny bit of JavaScript. It won't really matter where on the page the control will be. So don't agonize over that. Just insert one and configure it as hidden. The option is on the first page of the wizard when you insert one.

          Assign the multiple topics you want and configure other options. Then dismiss the dialog. Now let's link it to some text. First, hover the control and see what name pops up. If it's the first one on the page, it should be RelatedTopics. But it could read something else. Note what name it uses.

          Now, select the text your user will click to activate the control. Make a hyperlink out of it by clicking the Hyperlink button. Where you would normally enter a path and HTM file name, type this instead:


          Remember that name you looked at earlier? It's crucial here. If it wasn't RelatedTopics, type the name you noted instead. And it's case sensitive. So if it's something like OBJECT1 or object1, be sure to type it exactly as you noted.

          Give tht a go and see how you fare.

          Cheers... Rick
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            WendyCh Level 1

            That worked perfectly! Thank you so much for your help! I even got it to work in my image map!