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    HELP!  Used Multi-Find and Replce and style sheet died!

    Debbie Hemstreet

      I'm a bit frantic, please forgive me.

      I used "Multi Find and Replace" on my WebHelp project, and now all of my styles are gone. Everything is is Times New Roman font, etc. There is an "x" next to the style sheet in the left pane of the project, and when I look at its properties, the dialog box states that the file is "missing". What happened? I did manage to apply a style sheet to ONE topic. Is there any way to apply it to all the topics at the same time? I thought Multi Find and Replace was going to SAVE me time! If I have to go through each topic and apply the style sheet, this will undo any time-saving I'd hoped to accomplish using the Multi Find and Replace feature. This is really disappointing.

      Anyway, any help appreciated!

      Thaks in advance.

      Jennifer Bennett:

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Using Multi File Find and Replace tools is always dangerous and NEVER to be undertaken without taking a backup first. However, I guess that is the situation or you wouldn't be frantic.

          First have you got a copy of the style sheet that you could put in the project folder before reopening the project?

          Was it webhelp as you could easily get a copy from there? If it was a CHM that you have, you could Reverse Engineer that and take a copy from there into your project?

          If you don't have any of that, then select all the topics in the Topics tab and then right click and apply one of the available style sheets.