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    How to create new revisions of a book using Indesign CS6?


      Good morning! Please, I wonder if someone could help me to solve this question.

      I work for an IT company in Brazil, which sells a software used for Service management.


      We are currently using Indesign CS6 for producing technical manuals related to that software functionalities.


      The process we adopted to create those manuals is:


      1. First, we create folders containing Indesign Documents (.indd) that will be the chapters of each manual.

              For example: Folder 1 - 1st .indd, Folder 2 - 2nd indd. and so on.

         2.  In the second place, we create a new book (.indb) in Indesign CS6 and then we add all files we will use to the .indb.

         3.  Finally, at the end of each day, we generate a new PDF (print) for follow-up of the updating process.



      The problem is on the day after, because we have to keep updating that manual. So, our process is:


      1. Creating a new folder, named as the day we are working on. For example, the name of the folder today would be "June 18".
      2. Then, we copy the folder containing all Indesign documents used the day before (.indd) to the new folder. In addition, we also copy the book (.indb) file.
      3. The problem is that Indesign overwrites in the old version, despite of being in a book of "June, 18th" it overwrites on "June, 17th", for example.

              Now, we are keeping an eye if documents (.indd) have to be relinked or not. The same happens for images! However, it was not supposed to happen, because we used to copy our books (.indb) and we were able to continue the process this way on the day after.


           Please, I would like to know:

           - If our process of updating a book is right (if we can copy them and keeping using it the day after).

           - How we can solve this problem, because our manuals (when copied) are overwriting in older versions.


      Thanks advanced! I will wait for your reply!