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    Get an Object by Name (or other)

      Hopefully this is a simple one, and I just don't know the functions I need....

      I've got some external SWFs (5 or 6 of them total) that are embedded in various places in my application. These .swf's will need to register themselves with my application through a simple function, and then be able to make another call later on to tell each other refresh, or take some other action.

      So for example, SWF1 may at some point need to tell SWF2 and SWF3 to reinitialize with some new parameters. But all three are loaded up various places, and their exact scope won't always be known.

      I've got the embedded SWF to call a function of mine with no problem, and I can pass back in the name of the swf object. So I'm pretty sure I can build up the list, but my question then is how do I reference them without knowing the exact scope path?

      The embeded swf makes a call like this:

      <mx:Button label="Register Component" click="Application.application.registerComponent(this.name)"/>

      Which then returns me a name in my parentApplication of something like "TestSWF11067". I'm just lost as to how I could reference that direction now and do something like call an init() function back in that swf.