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    Session not being stored on CF9 multi server




      We have a CF9 multi-server, load balanced installation. All our sites share a common pool of files and the load balancer sets the server ID to either 1024 (server 1) or 1025 (server 2).


      We have a new site that is working fine on server 1, but on server 2 it doesn't seem to be storing session variables. I've double-checked the set up in both CF and IIS and everything seems fine. Bear in mind both sites use the same application.cfm file.


      The problem manifests itself when, on server 2, a product is added to the shopping cart; when you then browse to another product, the value of the basket is doubled. The log in facility fails too.


      Completely baffled; has anyone come across this sort of issue before? The domain is www.matrix-sports-nutrition.co.uk. Setting the ServerID cookie to 1024 will give you the version that works, 1025 the broken version.


      Cheers in advance,