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    Link to email or PDF on Android

    PR24 Level 1

      I can not run properly the links to the pdf or emails on Nexus 7 (Android 4.4.3) using the Adobe Content Viewer.


      This is the code I use for buttons that link to a pdf:



      In this case, open the browser in spite of Adobe Reader is installed.


      This is the code I use on the button that create an e-mail:

      window.location.href = "mailto:WRITE HERE YOUR EMAIL?subject=MY BROCHURE&body=Thanks!"


      If I click a window opens always in Adobe CW with the following text:

      Web page not available

      It was not possible to load the web page at mailto:WRITE HERE YOUR EMAIL?subject=MY BROCHURE&body=Thanks!




      If I click on the URL then it works properly and asks me which email client I want to use to send the email.


      With a Samsung S2 and Android 4.1.2 instead everything is working correctly.

      Even from your browser and Ipad no problem.

      I do not understand why ...