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    EDGE ANIMATE CC (2014) : Missing Code Snippets sidebar - WHY!?!?!

    btaartdirector Level 1

      I just updated today, and now a project I had been working on for weeks (my first real project) won't open in CC anymore. The only reason I wanted to open it back up in CC - NOT Adobe Edge Animate CC (2014), was because this updated Edge Animate IS MISSING THE CODE SNIPPET SIDEBAR!! WHY!! WHY!! WHY!! It's a little hard to follow along with tutorials you have been using when they insert snippets from the sidebar and suddenly you don't have one anymore!


      I have rebuilt permissions and restarted hoping that would fix the issue but it has not. If I can't get this project to pen in CC, can someone tell me how to trick CC into opening it again? Byt he Way -- the old version of Edge Animate was AUTOMATICALLY UNINSTALLED with this update. Also very frustrating!! I had to go to my could menu and download CC (3.0) again.