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    Is Flex the right solution?

      My company is about to start a new application. We are currently a .NET shop and have many webservices available to a variety of customers but we also develop applications using flash. The requirement for this project is that we display the data that is available through our webservice tier in a new flash application. The requirement is that this data be presented in real-time as the transactions take place.

      As i understand it, this means either Flash Remoting, Flash Media Server, or Flex. I have been doing my reading about this and found that FMS (Flash Media Server) would be a good solution for this application. That said, i realized that the origination point of the data to be measured in real time is in our .NET layer. This is where i began my research of flex. So the breakdown of the project requirement is this:

      1. A webservice call is made to our .NET tier
      2. The .NET webservice then contacts either FMS or Flex with the data of the transaction
      3. FMS/Flex would then push this information out to the currently connected clients.

      I know #3 can be solved by remoting, FMS, or Flex, but my question is about #2. Can flex do this? Can FMS do this? Is it possible to contact FMS or Flex from .NET? I see a variety of examples of the opposite, of flex, flash, or FMS contacting J2EE or .NET applications, but not the opposite.

      Is this possible? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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          scooter5791 Level 1
          It is my understanding from reading the documentation (and please understand that I am very new to Flex also and only a novice user at best) that you may be able to accomplish what you need to with the Flex Data Services 2 running under J2EE - i.e. this service can "push" data to the clients (excerpt from the docs shown below). I can't tell you much more than that except to urge you to read the documentation for the Flex Data Services 2 here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flex/dataservices/

          Data push
          Flex Data Services offers data-push capability, enabling data to automatically be pushed to the client application without polling. This highly scalable capability can push data to thousands of concurrent users, providing up-to-the-second views of critical data, such as stock trader applications, live resource monitoring, shop floor automation, and more.

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            chapel21 Level 1
            Thanks for your reply.

            Yes i read that as well, which is why i posted here. I tried to look at some of the examples and read the documentation but it's scattered all over the place and i couldn't find any sample applications that proved this point. In fact, the J2EE related samples i did find all used a polling mechanism rather than a push model.

            Does anyone else know specifically about the Flex Data Services and how they are able to push to clients? Can Flex Data Services be called from the outside, e.g. can you PUSH to the flex data service so that it can in turn push to clients?

            ( -> is a push)
            .NET Application Server -> Flex (Data Services?) -> Clients?