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    Can someone take a look at my project and give me ideas to reduce lag/optimize it? (relatively new to flash and need help)


      Dropbox - TV_AL_Q


      I really need to reduce the lag happening in this project. I know practically nothing about action script except for what I've used in this project so please keep that in mind.

      Im going to try and break apart the grouped art so its in its most basic form and see if that helps, and also change all my tweens to frame by frame since those two things helped me with an animation I did awhile back that was lagging severely.


      But I was hoping someone with more knowledge could take a look and see if there is anything that they know of that I could do to help fix this. I'm working in Flash cs6 and using action script 3.


      I have to turn this project in by this Friday (the 20th) so I would love to get this sorted by then but even if I can't I would still be interested in some possible solutions, just for learnings sake.