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    XML and InDesign




      I am very new to InDesign.  I can stumble my way through, but know I need some experts help on a project I am trying to simplify for some clients.


      Their current use of inDesign is for a horse sale catalog.  They have a format they want to stay with and it works great for them.


      My goal is to simplify from start to finish the process for them.  Right now, they are inputting things four, five times into different spreadsheets and word documents to accomplish what they need.


      My initial thought is I can make a spreadsheet with all information needed, save it as an XML and it automatically transfers into InDesign where it needs to go, after I've manipulated the data for what is needed.


      I've tried to mess around with setting up elements for each ad or lot number, but I can't seem to get it all to come together.


      The end result catalog looks like this: ISSUU - Double J Horse Sale - May 10, 2014 - Spring Sale by JKM Data Solutions

      So each line in the spreadsheet would correlate to a lot number and input that specific lot number to each box.  (lot is number in the upper right of each horse's information box).


      Hopefully I have somewhat explained this to make some sense of my goal.


      If anyone is willing to offer some help on walking me through this, mentoring me to get it right, I'd be completely indebted.


      Thank you,

      JKM Data Solutions