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    Brush settings


      I know that this app is brand spankin' new and optimized for use with Adobe Ink or Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint, but is there any way to bring up the took menu - i.e. brush sizing - without either of those? I have the Jot Touch 4, which Sketch recognized no problem. The lower button on the Touch hides and shows the top menu bar, but there's no way to bring up settings... at least, not that I can find.

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          Yes. I don't think there is currently any settings for the brushes. But hopefully, just like Adobe Ideas, this will be available in future updates.

          Or am I wrong?

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            William Eisley Adobe Employee

            The way to affect brush size and opacity in sketch is through pressure and speed of your drawing because we wanted to mimic the feeling of natural drawing. There are no separate controls for brush size or opacity.



            Will Eisley

            Product Manager

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              Bablas Level 1



              That is an ideal goal. I hope I can try it soon with my Wacom Creative Stylus and see how if Adobe does it better than other apps in that respect.

              But I still see the need of some settings. For instance, currently my experience with the eraser is that it's one big brush with no control over it.



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                george kaplin Level 1

                But you can adjust brush size in LINE. I don't understand why these are 2 separate programs. Coming from 53's PAPER which does NOT allow you to size brushed, I love that you CAN in LINE. Its the single reason I actually use LINE over SKETCH.


                SKETCH organizes the drawings better into projects and allows better control over trace images....


                I LOVE the simplicity. Which is why I love using 53's Paper. But i just don't see any benefit to not having adjustable brushes in SKETCH.