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    2013 Mac Pro support?



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          What is the specific question? After Effects runs well on the new Mac Pro.

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            Graham Hutchins Level 1

            Hi Todd,


            According to "GPU Information" in Preferences, AE is still only seeing 2 GB of my D700.  Also, am I correct in assuming that the GPU accelerated R3D debayering found in the 2014 update of Premiere hasn't yet found it's way to AE?


            Lastly, I'm still getting the "QT32 server" crash whenever I launch AE and try to work with footage, even with "Mercury Transmit" enabled.



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              Scott McKenzie Level 1

              Hi Todd,


              I just installed the new After Effects CC (2014) on my 2013 MP with 2 D700s.  I am not noticing any significant difference from the previous version of AE.  GPUs are still showing as 2GB of VRAM (see below).  I dropped in a 5K (5120x2700) R3D clip into a 1080p comp, scaled to width and tried to move the playhead, let alone play and it is extremely sluggish (media is on a G-Raid).  Even at "low" debayer and 1/4 res I seem to max out at 20fps without ram previewing.  Mercury Transmit is off, both "Viewer Quality" options are set to "Faster".  Even with a 1080p ProResHQ file I can't get realtime playback without ram previewing.


              Unfortunately, I do not consider this running "well"...  Could you please let me know what I can do to fix this?


              Fast Draft:Available
              Texture Memory:818.00 MB

              (GPU not available - incompatible device or CUDA driver)


              Vendor:ATI Technologies Inc.
              Device:AMD Radeon HD - FirePro D700 OpenGL Engine
              Version:2.1 ATI-1.20.11
              Total Memory:2.00 GB
              Shader Model:-


              Driver Version:1.0 (5.0 or later required)
              Current Usable Memory:-
              Maximum Usable Memory:-


              System Details:

              MacPro 5,1

              3.5GHz 6-core

              32GB Ram

              AMD D700 GPUs

              OS X 10.9.2

              Single, 1920x1080 display connected.