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    Legacy support Adobe CC subscription


      I've had to switch to my old mac for a job and needed to use illustrator. I'm a cc customer and have my main copy installed on a windows 7 PC but unfortunately that's out of action for a while. My mac is a 2007 mac pro 2.33Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB Ram. It's pretty slow now but is OK for illy and other basic tasks. Stupidly I uninstalled all the CS6 apps that came when I initially bought a CC subscription. I thought, as I'm going to be using my mac for a bit I'll update my illy version. The problem is that now I can't install the new versions of CC as it's saying they're not supported by my OS. I have no intention of upgrading the operating system on this mac as it's too old to care about or spend money on but now I've lost all my CS6 apps, I essentially have a subscription with no usable software!! This is a tad annoying and renders my machine (old yes but usable still) useless in a design capacity.


      Anyone got any ideas as to what I can do? Can I download an OS compatible legacy version of Illustrator from the CC site? I'm a genuine customer so it's frustrating that I'm limited to illegally downloading a legacy version if not (sorry adobe but it's true!) Or...will I be forced into updating my OS (debatable performance on this machine) or...is this a way of the fast paced world of apple and adobe telling me to grow up, stop expecting to use software/hardware for a 7 year period and buy a new computer (sad state of affairs if so but I guess I understand). If it's the latter I'm buggered because money is tight!


      Cheers all