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    My Nook says "User not Activated" How do I fix this?


      I recently downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to check out books from my local library. In Digital Editions, it says my Nook is authorized. I download a book and drag it to my Nook. When I open the book on my Nook it says "User Not Activated"


      How do I fix this?!?!

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          alexonNook Level 1

          Sep 2016 - I have only recently bought a Nook (Simple Touch Glowlight 4GB) and have had the error, 'User not activated', with 3 of the eBooks I have bought from online retailers.  (I live in the UK and we are not allowed to buy directly from Barnes and Noble !!)

          I have been receiving an '.acsm' file then downloading the EPUB file using Adobe Digital Editions.  At this point I can read the book on screen on my iMac but when I sideload it on to my Nook, the Nook does not allow me to read it - 'User not activated'.

          I have then used an independent, free, eBook program called, 'Calibre', to load the first, downloaded EPUB file into Calibre's own 'library'.  At this point I go to the Calibre Library folder on the Mac and copy that version directly on to the Nook.

          I don't understand what the difference is or why it works - I did wonder if Calibre stripped out the copyright (DRM) stuff from the eBook but I don't believe it can do that.

          I hope this helps.