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    Master Page Items Still Moving on Custom Pages in IdDesign CC (2014)

    JustBob Level 1

      I reported this problem a few weeks ago in regards to the CC version of InDesign. The problem still seems to be in the new InDesign CC (2014).


      Is anyone at Adobe listening? (Yes, I reported this as a bug a few weeks ago.)


      Do this:


      1) Create a page in InDesign.


      2) Go to the master page and draw a box in the center of the page.


      3) Duplicate the main page two or three times (not the master page). You now have the same box in the center of several pages.


      4) Now, click on the Custom Page Size tool and click on, say, page 2. Click one of the three squares at the top to change the size of the page relative to the top of the page—in other words, to add extra space to the bottom of the page—and add 2 inches to the bottom of the page.


      5) Re-order the pages. As soon as you do, the Master Page box on the page you made bigger gets centered on that page. It should stay closer to the top. This changed a few weeks ago, just after one of the InDesign updates. I am sure it must be a bug.


      I have re-sized pages with master page items in them for several years now, and never has an item on the master page moved on the re-sized page.


      Can Adobe please, please fix this?!!!