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    I'm new to InDesign and can't find a solution to my problem


      I have been using the program for less than a week.  So far, I'm really liking it. HOWEVER... I'm having an issue with text-boxes and paragraph breaks that just isn't making sense.


      - probably should note I'm on Windows 7 in case that's relevant info...


      On my main Windows-user account, I was working on a document and I wasn't able to make a paragraph break in a text-box.  I could type all I want, and get multiple lines of text alright.  However, when I hit 'Enter' nothing happens.  If I place my cursor in between two words and hit 'Enter' all of the words after my cursor will disappear.  It doesn't matter how big the text-box is, all the text is deleted.


      SO, I made a second user account on computer and started up InDesign.  I was able to make paragraph breaks as one normally would in a text-box.


      Following that, I went into back into my main Windows-user account, went into the AppData folder and clicked my way to InDesign, deleted the folder "Version 9.0" in both the Local and Roaming folders.  After this, I could make paragraph breaks as one normally would.


      And then it stopped working and I was back to being unable to make paragraph breaks in either of my computer's user-accounts.


      ... I have spent a LOT of time clicking around trying to troubleshoot, and not getting anywhere... help!?