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    Photoshop CC silent crashing upon launch


      I decided to try out the creative cloud today, and signed up  I have had Lightroom and that works fine still.  When I try to open up Photoshop CC 2014, the splash screen loads up and I get about 1 second of Photoshop before it just closes.  It has never opened up for me.  I have tried:


      1) Signing out/in of the Creative Cloud app

      2) Uninstalling/Re-installing and rebooting

      3) Holding shift, Alt, Ctrl when launching to reset the preferences.

      4) Running in administrator mode


      I have a win7 64 bit OS, GeForce 560Ti, Intel i5-3570K CPU


      Windows and the graphics drivers are all up to date.  I looked at the event viewer, but I am not sure what I am looking at or what to share.