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    Jagged Text & Noise in Instagram Videos


      Is it possible to achieve smooth, anti-aliased text/shapes in After Effects videos exported to Instagram? I'm going for a simple 2D look. Very light blue text over a red background most of the time (also dark background with light text)

      I mean, it doesn't look THAT bad...but I don't want to settle if there is a better method out there.

      I've tried both the Render Queue (then from .mov to .mp4 in Handbrake) & AME (straight to mp4). All using H.264, which is recommended anywhere I read about it. I've changed a bunch of the export settings. Also converted all of the text to shapes but nothing seems to help.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'll attach a screenshot here.


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Use AME, raise the data rate to the maximum recommended for Instagram, Use the codec recommended for Instagram. That's all you can do. Your design, solid saturated background and white and black letters leave very little room for softening the edges with compressed. I always try and talk my clients out of similar designs because it is so easy for them to look bad.