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    insert pages not working correctly

    Luc Lorent

      I have a problem regarding applescript and acrobat.

      Since there is no acrobat scripting forum, i posted it here.


      I have an applescript that runs perfectly with Acrobat pro 10.

      But now I want to run it on a computer where Acrobat pro 11 is installed and it makes Acrobat quit on the "insert pages" command.

      I installed Acrobat 11 on my mac as well and it has the same behaviour: it quits on the insert pages.

      If i use the Acrobat 10, it is still executing correctly...


      Is there an issue with this function in javascript too?

      Has anyone experienced the same problem or has a solution?


      Part of the script below:

        tell application "Adobe Acrobat Pro"

        set deneerste to open file outputFormaat

        set dentweede to open file outputPDF

        set afmetingen to media box of page 1 of document 2

        set hoogte to (item 2 of afmetingen)

        set breedte to (item 3 of afmetingen)

        if hoogte < breedte then

        set rotation of page 1 of document 2 to 90

        end if


        repeat oplage times

      --This is where Acrobat 11 quits...

        insert pages document 1 after -1 from document 2 starting with 1 number of pages 1

        end repeat

        close document 2 saving no

        close document 1 saving yes

        end tell


      Tom Usrey 2