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    Glass bottles etc.

    smartino Level 1
      Hi, I'm having problems trying to create glass effects. I've created a bottle and I want to make it look transparent and have labels on it.

      I have the effect that I need except the bottle is solid. Is there any examples that I can look at?

      Cheers for any help on this.

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          duckets Level 1
          There's a number of ways of doing this:

          You can set the 'blend' property of a shader, to make the whole shader transparent.

          Alternatively you can set the blendFunction and blendConstant of an individual texture layer within a shader.

          A third method would be to use a texture image which contains an alpha channel. For this, ensure the textureRenderFormat is set to #rgba8888 so that you have 8 bits for the alpha channel (rather than the default 1 bit).

          For more info look up all these in the director help: Shader -> properties, blendFunction, blendConstant, textureRenderFormat.

          Hope this helps!

          - Ben
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            Level 7
            Glass can be a tough effect to get right.

            With a mixture of multiply blendFunction mode on the reflection map, and
            setting up suitable ambient, diffuse and specular colours, it's possible
            to get a fairly good glass effect.

            Here's an example of one I was involved with several months ago ( the
            actual content itself is very simple, but you'll see the glass effect if
            you grab and drag the mouse to rotate around the item containing the
            spinning vanes )