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    Why this new version of InDesign is annoying ...

    JThoeming Level 1

      • The changes are not so great that a new version (10.xxx) would have been necessary


      • Again a new data format that is not backwards compatible (at least on CC)


      • Plug-ins are not compatible and must be purchased new, although they are often only for a few months of use


      • In addition parallel multiple InDesign versions are kept on the computer


      • Customers will need again months if not years to upgrade to a current version


      • My arguments against my client that in the future less versions of InDesign are needed and we can work together productively, are blown away ... one customer will now continue with CS5, annother will get one of the last CS6 box versions!


      The purpose of CC is so completely ad absurdum when we need to land parallel old versions on the computers that are not compatible with each other and constantly generate new costs because plug-ins no longer work and projects accordingly in different InDesign versions must be kept.


      Productivity looks different. Professionalism, too!


      Folks - what do you think? Am I the only one who's thinking this way?




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          Michael Monos

          FWIW, No, you are not the only person thinking this way.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            On your first point, you have no idea what was required to create the new features so unless you're an Adobe software engineer it's not a valid point. I can't argue too much about the rest of it but it's no different than it has been in the past.


            I'm so used to it at this point I just file under taking the good with the bad.

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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              Steve Werner has written on the InDesign Secrets forum: "It’s important to note that this release will co-exist with the earlier version of InDesign, that is, CC 9.2. With a subscription to Creative Cloud, you’ll be able to download the current version, as well as InDesign CC 9.2 and InDesign CS6."

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                JThoeming Level 1

                Hi Bob,


                thanks for your assessment - for the first point - no, I'm not a Adobe developers ... but nothing new in CC 2014 collides with the possibilities of CC 2013, but adds missing (color groups, fixed ePub export, packing ...) or improve existing facilities (tables, Footnotes ...). I use InDesign professionally since version 1, and think I can say that when a new file format is really necessary or if not.


                But precisely this policy of "new" document formats with relatively small improvements holds most agencies that I know to go to the cloud. These agencies prefer rather continue CS5 or CS6 at most as a box version - and this sucks to me, because I want to go further. I'm really full of respect what the Adobe team is doing and working on - its realy amazing, but does Adobe really dont realise whats going out there when we talk about InDesign - we dont talk flyer, poster or a birthday card ...


                Photoshop or Illustrator formats are not affected - I get rid of the old Versions and go on working ... I'm not able to this with extensive InDesign documents without checking again all the stuff!


                There is absolutely no problem for me that massive changes also require new versions and I have bought all versions prior to InDesign CS6 - CS6 since I am in the cloud - but if working with other agencies is needed, then you can forget all that. There are projects that go through several hands, in addition to plug-ins also written self automatisms such as scripts. All that has to work seamlessly without immense effort continues - not a customer pays the check of extensive and recurring documents that are supposed to work in newer versions. And because of that agencies wont go this way further ...


                But with CC 2013, the hope was clearly connected that this madness of constantly new document formats with InDesign finally stops. Now we know, it dont.




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                  JThoeming Level 1

                  Hi Steve,


                  who has a cloud subscription can of course install and use all possible versions in parallel. But that is not the biggest problem.

                  When I work on a team with several employees and other agencies, then a change to newer versions is not easily possible since utilized plugins do not work in the new versions.


                  Current versions are useless, when I ultimately can not use them because other agencies do not want to spend money every time for functioning plugins, just because there is again and again a new InDesign document format (unnecessary) ...


                  I can tell you that it totally bugs me that I'm working here with CC (and with newer projects I start working with CC 2014, if the needed plugins are available) but need to continue using CS5 and have it of course installed on my Mac. This can only change Adobe and with change to CC 2013, I finally had a continuous format expected for InDesign documents in the future, so that customers and teams finally all are able to use only ONE version for ALL projects ...


                  The developers of plugins naturally want to be paid for their work. If Adobe would only offer an unchanged interface, the developers of plugins could change to a moderate subscription system and everyone had reliable some of it ... and yes, I know that there are also some incorrigible there that do not change to CC because it now is a subscription - but what can I say