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    Extract graphics in separated fm files




      I am a beginner in ExtendScript and I need to outsource the graphics of my docs. I wish to create a file .fm for each graph found in the doc to be able to generate the images apart and not have to rebuild for each change of doc.


      I advance slowly with the docs and examples that I found but I still can not do what I want.


      For now I wanted to do this as follows:


      var doc = app.ActiveDoc;
      if(doc.ObjectValid()) {
          var inset = doc.FirstGraphicInDoc;
          while(inset) {
               // Create empty doc from a template
               var newDoc = SimpleNewDoc(File($.fileName).parent.fsName+ "\\" + "DocGraphicTemplate", 0);
               // Insert graphic in created doc.
               // I still don't know how to do this...
               // Save doc with graphic in .fm file
               newDoc.Save(docPath, newDoc, params);
               // Replace graphic element in doc by the image generated from the newDoc .fm file
               // I still don't know how to do this too
      } else {
          alert("No active document could be found!");


      Is this the right way to do? If so can someone help me on the sticking points?