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    How becomes poor in one print?

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      This is not a Joke


      For Acrobat 10.1.10, please, follow the next steps:



      - Open  my “Lol.PDF” (PDF file must contain type 1 fonts)




      Pause a PCL printer , and set offline “Use printer Offline

      Open JavaScript console

      Copy, paste and execute the following lines:


      var pp = this.getPrintParams();
      pp.interactive = pp.constants.interactionLevel.automatic;
      pp.interactive = pp.constants.interactionLevel.silent;
      pp.printerName = "MyprinterName";


      Don’t forget to change to your printer name, before execute.


      Print out the file or ecofrienly check your SPL file (google search the  “SPLView”, nice work, thank you Mr Dieter )  usually in ”C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\PRINTERS”


      All graphics will print correctly. Characters are changed for next one in the ANSI character set.

      ie:“0” prints as “1”, “1” prints as “2” , “A” prints as “B”


      This also happens (some times), printing large amount of PDF files (1 of 400), without setting the printer in Offline mode,


      There are a fews workarounds:

      - Printing text as graphics, but a 300kb file becomes a 70MB file (i have more than 800 files to print often)

      - Buy a PS printer,

      - Give enough time to acrobat, do not execute the last line "this.closeDoc(true)"


      It’s a old BUG (Google search “gobbledygook my adobe acrobat pdf files are printing garbage text sometimes", this is one more step. I hope someone can fix it.

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          The bug was old, seems to have gone away, and has returned. The fix is easy, as you identified - just leave it running.


          I believe the problem is that Acrobat/Adobe Reader create temporary fonts when printing, which are deleted on closing. It is not clear whether the problem is that the printer driver is supposed to copy the fonts, yet doesn't, or whether Adobe Reader is supposed to leave the fonts forever "just in case" or something else. Not clear whether the change was to the printer driver or Adobe Reader.

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            Adobe Reader is working properly.

            The bug is for Acrobat, i believe than bug never gone.

            I must to check every single customer pdf file pages are equal to the amount of  pages printed by Windows spool.

            My script is for Acrobat and the script or Acrobat or Windows or the computer can't  handle  800  pdf files opened at the same time.