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    Be very wary of downloading cc 2014 apps

    yancowles Level 1

      Foolishly I thought this would be no problem - download new versions but keep the old versions and check they're working first.

      Photoshop, fine apart from loss of interface colour and customised KB shortcuts, illustrator, fine.


      After Effects, fails on app launch and tells me to uninstall and reinstall. OK, but wait, the uninstaller also fails although recommends certain actions such as the Cleaner Tool.

      I try this and apparently all it did was clean away my previous version of AE.

      AE 2014 still fails and still can't be uninstalled.
      I can't reinstall the old version of AE from creative cloud.


      I've also restarted, repaired permissions, booted in safe mode, tried to force AE to download again.

      I've had tech support on who had to resort to using remote viewer to start digging around on my mac changing folder names to .old etc.


      Despite trying all sorts of things including setting up a new user, he couldn't resolve the issue so now I'm screwed and restoring my mac from yesterday using TimeMachine.

      This will take approx 2hrs so on top of the messing around earlier I'll have now lost half a day. And that's if the restore actually gives me back my previous AE which I'm currently sceptical of.


      Well done Adobe.