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    How to get a price drop for Adobe Audition CC?


      When the CC subscription model and pricing was announced, I was pretty annoyed to say the least. Paying the equivalent of $25 a month (UK based) for one piece of adobe software, regardless of the fact that Audition was probably the cheapest Adobe CS application previously, so basically paying the same amount per month as Photoshop, Premier, which all cost many orders of magnitude higher than Audition, and basically the entire cost of the software within 18 months, and then keep paying - was pretty outrageous.


      Been getting spam recently about a new version of Audition CC so wondered if they'd corrected the price.




      However, what adobe HAS done, is HALVED the cost of Photoshop, a program that used to cost TWICE as much as Audition!


      Not sure what customer pressure brought this change about, but is there any way we can get the price of Audition down?


      Is anyone even using CC?

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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 7

          jezston wrote:


          Is anyone even using CC?

          Apparently quite a few people are. I'd guess though that the majority are opting for the complete CC suite, and not the standalone version. Also, I'd guess that the whole thing has swung towards what might be described as 'corporate' use since, as you say, it's not exactly an enticing option any more as a rental (thanks a bunch, Sarb-Ox), especially for a single app.


          What I do know is that the developers are aware of this issue, very much so. Unfortunately though any decisions about it have to be corporate, and accordingly how much pressure can be bought to bear over this - well that's a bit moot...