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    Interactive rollover function isn't working in full screen mode.


      I've created an interactive document with animation in Indesign CC.


      Part of this document has menu bars that change to longer bars when rolled over. I export as an swf and then place that in a separate document to export to pdf. When I open it in Acrobat Pro XI everything works correctly...until I make it full screen. The text and images look fuzzy and low res and the roll over function on the menu bar doesn't work. Unless you click and drag over them, not hover.


      Things I have tried:


      • Changing the document to A3, as it is currently A4 - no change.

      • Changing the resolution in both flash exporting options and interactive pdf exporting options. I've tried 72 dpi, 96dpi 110dpi (to match the acrobat settings) - still no change.

      • Have tried both multi state object method of changing the menu bar and a show/hide function - This hasn't made a difference either.

      • I've had a flick through Acrobat settings but I'm not sure what I am looking for.



      The buttons used with the roller also have a on release or tap function to go to a destination as well as the rollover option. I'm not sure if this button having multiple actions might be affecting this as it seems to have no problems handling multiple interactive actions when not in full screen.


      Any ideas?