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    Edge file won't play.

    sparky2k Level 1



      I posted this in the Muse forum yesterday so apologies if you've already seen this.


      I'm working on a site that has an animation on the index/home page created in Edge.  If I previewed it in a Browser it played fine but not in Muse so i remade the animation without the sound effects.  It now previews in Muse but when I upload it it won't run.


      I just dropped the OEM file from Edge on the home page and overlaid one button which takes you into the full site. Am I missing something?


      I've uploaded it to business catalyst so maybe someone can give me their thoughts.








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          sparky2k Level 1

          I'm not sure if anyone on the development side will read this but it seems Edge exports all files from the Library not just the files that are part of the composition.  This causes issues later.  It also struggles with similar file names so for instance 22.png and 23.png. Amazing really.

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            SujaiS Adobe Employee

            Currently Edge Animate will publish all files that are included in the library and not just the ones on stage. This is because these items can be referenced at run time using java scripts too.


            Can you explain the problem a bit and share a sample since I'm not able to understand the similar file names issue.



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              sparky2k Level 1

              OK.  So how do I delete the files from my library that i don't want included.


              I can't share the files as I've deleted them but I exported an image sequence from After Effects which had file numbers 0001.png, 0002.png, 0003.png, 0004,png etc  Unfortunately Edge only seems to read the first part of the file so I had to rename all of the files as one.png, two,png, three.png   which was kinda frustrating. 


              I'm also frustrated that no one has replied to my original posts here and in the Muse forum about the OEM file not running when it is uploaded.  

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                SujaiS Adobe Employee

                Edge does not allow the elements to begin with a numeric therefore element names like 001,002 are not allowed. You should have got a warning when importing such image sequences right?



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                  sparky2k Level 1

                  No. No warning.  If I'd got a warning I wouldn't have imported them would I?  

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                    sparky2k Level 1

                    We seem to be getting hung up on the details rather than the fact that I can emulate a site but it won't play when it's uploaded.


                    I've also worked out that you preview an OEM file created in Edge in Muse as long as it doesn't have sound on it. If it has any sort of sound effect, it won't play.

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                      sparky2k Level 1

                      OK.  So I've just tried yet another different permutation and it seems that once you have positioned something in Edge, the software thinks that file is still there even if it is not.  It will not bother to look for a new file and leave that area blank rather than writing anything that was added later. It would seem this means that you have to start a new site every time you make a change.

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                        heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                        sparky2k wrote:


                        OK.  So I've just tried yet another different permutation and it seems that once you have positioned something in Edge, the software thinks that file is still there even if it is not.  It will not bother to look for a new file and leave that area blank rather than writing anything that was added later. It would seem this means that you have to start a new site every time you make a change.

                        This is not clear! Please clarify with steps and details.



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                          sparky2k Level 1

                          If you go to this home page of this site www.anguscameronfilms.co.uk  you will see that one rectangle images that fade on is blank.  This was originally a different image but now if I try and place anything there it continually comes up blank when uploaded to the internet despite it being there in all preview modes.  I originally had the same issue with the area of the screen where the name is - any piece of artwork in the centre of the screen wouldn't upload.  In the end I used Edge to create a temporary name graphic.  I've remade the Edge file about 40 times and every time it previews fine but won't work when it uploads. I made a new home page without any Edge animation just static files and it works fine. It would be great to be able to delete unused files from the library.  

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                            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                            It is still unclear what it is that is missing since we have not seen any screenshots of the issue.


                            This is what I see, with the thumbs randomly appear - is this correct. Though I see a large gap above the Angus title.



                            If you update an Edge Animate file and re-Publish to .oam, you have to update the Muse asset file via the from its Asset Panel, then republish from Muse to see the final changes. Is this what you did.

                            Yes it would be great if Edge Animate detected unused assets, unfortunately yo will have to remove them manually (right click on an asset from the Assets Panel, choose 'Show in Explorer' then manually delete unnecessary assets; then re-save the Edge Animate and repeat the republish routine).



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                              sparky2k Level 1



                              On the bottom row of images there is a gap - second image in.  If I place an image there in Edge, it will appear in the Previews but won't appear when uploaded.  Where my name is I have the same issue - originally there was a Jpeg file which had been animated in Edge but though I could see it in previews, I couldn't make it appear when on-line. Instead I just hd a white space.  I changed the format of the file to everything I could think of but nothing worked. I changed to a different image and still ha the same problem.  In the end I added the text directly in Edge as a stop gap but it's not the style that I had originally planned. 


                              What I feel is unnecessary is that Edge creates an OEM file which includes all unused images from the Library. In this instance instead of having a home page  with 18 files associated with it, I actually have an html file with 160 associated images 142 of which are unused.

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                                sparky2k Level 1



                                Here is what Edge thinks the file it is publishes is. (note I have placed two copies of the car image bottom left).


                                Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.52.35.png

                                This is what Muse thinks the OEM file is


                                Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.51.10.png

                                The image of the car is replaced by what was there before which is a double exposure from a music video.


                                This is what Muse shows in previews (two cars again)


                                Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.51.29.png

                                But what we get when the file is uploaded is the blank space as shown in your screen grab above. 

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                                  sparky2k Level 1

                                  I'm wrong about the files being attached to the OEM - Muse exports the entire contents of the images folder it finds rather than just what it is using. 

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                                    sparky2k Level 1

                                    OK.  Final post as it would seem that Edge isn't yet fit for the task I was asking of it.


                                    I completely remade the Edge Project so that the only files in the Library were the files which were actually being used in the project.  When I published the new file the programme dragged lots of extraneous files into the Library regardless as to whether they were part of the project or not. And of course as a result the OEM file was corrupted again.




                                    Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.50.46.png

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                                      jbowden Adobe Employee

                                      Hi there,


                                      Are you saving your composition to a directory that already has an images folder? That's why you're seeing all those images.


                                      Try creating a new folder, and save your composition there.




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                                        sparky2k Level 1

                                        Thanks.  I was at first saving into a folder that contained the whole project including an images folder but stopped doing so.  Even after moving the images folder, Edge still seems to suck extraneous files into the Library when I publish the animation. I've tried a few variations and it nothing seems to stop this happening.   

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                                          jbowden Adobe Employee

                                          Can you describe what's happening for you in more detail? Maybe break it down into steps, such as:


                                          1. I create a new composition and save it in a new directory - are there any images in the Library?
                                          2. I import images that I want to use in my composition - are any images you didn't import somehow present
                                          3. I position, animate the images, divs, etc. in EA until I'm happy with it
                                          4. I publish to web and oam


                                          When you publish to web, what's in the images folder? Anything except what you imported in step 2?


                                          btw, if you are publishing from the same composition that you are having trouble with, try removing any images that you aren't using in the composition from the Library (right-click, and choose Open in Finder/Explorer) and delete them at the file system level by sending them to the trash. If you have already published to web/oam, delete the publish folder too. Return to Animate, click OK to reload the composition, and then publish again and see how it looks.




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                                            sparky2k Level 1

                                            Really?  OK. Here goes:


                                            I made two websites with animated landing pages in Edge to learn to use the software..


                                            The first had a simple hand drawn animation consisting of some 40 layers which I animated using the opacity up and down for one frame.  I soon discovered that Edge couldn't deal with files with numbers for names so renamed each layer into words.


                                            I added a sound effect to the animation and it all played fine in Edge. Satisfied I published it to an OEM file which I imported into Muse and used it as the home page.  I found however that it wouldn't Preview in Muse though it would preview in a browser. I did a work through to see what the issue was and found that it wouldn't Preview if it had a sound effect regardless of what type of sound file i had used in Edge.  I remade the OEM without the sound and it then previewed in Muse.  Satisfied that this was now working although disappointed that it didn't have the sound effect I made the rest of the website and uploaded via FTP to the host site only to discover that the animated home page wouldn't play - instead there was an empty white screen (which is the browser fill colour I had selected).


                                            I decided to remake the Edge animation. I did so again and again and again but despite the fact that it would preview in Muse it wouldn't play when uploaded.  I examined the contents of the FTP site and discovered that there were lots of files in the images folder that weren't part of the project. I thought this was strange and in the end deleted the animated home page and replaced it with a static image while I tried to figure out the issue.


                                            I then began to work on another site to see if I could work out what was wrong. I created an animated logo of my name in After Effects which I then exported as an image sequence and imported into Edge as single images as before. I created the animation as I had for the previous site using the opacity control up and down.  It previewed fine and I added some images which fade up in a pretty random fashion and tweaked the layout of these until I was happy - moving some of them around. It all previewed fine so I published it and imported it into Muse. It previewed fine so I made the rest of the site.


                                            This site previewed fine in Muse and in a browser so I uploaded the site to my FTP server but discovered that while the animation played when the sequence was complete I would be left with a white space where my name was supposed to be and a white space where one of the images should be.  I remade and remade the OEM in Edge and had the same problem.  Eventually I admitted defeat and deleted the animation and just put a jpeg with a graphic of my name which faded up.  This previewed ok so I uploaded it only to discover that there are of the screen where my name was was blank as was the space where one of the images was supposed to be.  Whatever I did I could get any sort of image on this portion of the screen. Eventually I stopped using an image here and just used a static text file from Edge. This seemed to work but I still had a blank area in the row of images.   


                                            I decided to remake the Edge file but copied the media (images and text) from the previous project.  I got the same result - I now had the same blank portions of the screen - if I moved the images around and remade the file I still got the same blank areas on the screen.


                                            I looked in the FTP area of my site and realised that Muse had been uploading a lot of images that weren't part of the site. I also had the effect where the Edge Preview would see one version of the file but Muse Preview would see another (as outlined above).  I purged any images from the folder associated with the project and tried to re upload. Same issues with blank areas on the screen.


                                            I then went back and made a brand new Edge project but noticed that when I published the animation that it pulled files in from the images folder associated with the wider project.  I deleted this and created a new directory - an empty folder on the desktop of my computer.  I then remade all the source images I was using in the Edge project and scaled them so there would be no resizing in Edge. I made the animation again 18 files all with simple fades up using the opacity control and key frames as before. I published this to the new project folder and imported the OEM into muse.  I realised that two of the images were one pixel out of alignment and so went back to Edge to adjust the layout and then republished before I got to work in Edge.  I then deleted the old OEM file from the Muse project and dragged and dropped the newly published version.  The two images were still one pixel out of alignment.  I went back to Edge - they were fine there so I republished.  In Muse they were still out of alignment. I deleted the animate folder in the new project folder and republished.  Still the same two files out of alignment.  I then created a new folder on my hard drive and set Edge to publish to that folder instead of the new project folder I had made earlier.  I republished the Edge project but instead of placing the new OEM file in the new directory I had created, it placed in the previous folder that still sat on my desktop.  I checked my settings and tried again but it always publishes to that folder.


                                            Any ideas?





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                                              sparky2k Level 1

                                              I've just renamed the Edge project and saved it in a new folder but the when I publish it saves to the folder I created earlier.


                                              I made a new folder and saved the project into that with a new file name.  I went to publish and got this error message for the first time. 

                                              Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 14.51.01.png


                                              I created a completely new folder on a different hard drive and renamed the Edge project and published the file.  I then placed the new OEM file in Muse.  Guess what - the two images are still in their original positions.


                                              Seriously, what an unbelievable waste of time.    

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                                                sparky2k Level 1

                                                I decided to admit defeat and published the tweaked site with the images out of alignment from Muse only to discover that the new html file shows the images in the right position.  Is Muse creating a cached version of the site? Do you have to manually rename the publish file in the animate package from Edge?      

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                                                  sparky2k Level 1



                                                  I spent the time breaking down the whole experience.  Any suggestions? 

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                                                    sparky2k Level 1

                                                    OK.  I solved this (thanks for the help). 


                                                    It seems Muse is caching everything you do and it doesn't necessarily register any changes you make - especially where you have repositioned files with the same file name and extension.  So I've found that it is necessary to keep a nice tidy directory - if you make changes to your Edge Animate file you need to delete ALL associated files from the directory before you re-publish the file as it won't overwrite cleanly. If you change your Muse file you need to delete ALL associated files from the directory you are publishing the html to and then re-publish.  Better still you need to delete the files from the folder where the site is saved and re-save the whole thing afresh.  This seems extreme but it seems to be the only way to get the two programmes to interface cleanly.


                                                    Also, there are lot of 'helpful' instructional videos floating around the web but some of these are out of date and would be helpful if these were removed as some contain contradictory advice.

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                                                      William Mitzlaff Level 1

                                                      I have the exact same problem...I changed the file structure and now when I publish nothing happens. When I preview everything works but not after publishing. oh and it worked the first time I published it then after that...nope


                                                      Can I do a simple uninstall and re install to get the directories back in order.  I know this is the only thing wrong and that is the file structure. I just need to get them back in order. Please advise someone..thanks