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    Select Focus feature AWOL


      Mac Mavericks. New Select Focus Area feature missing from the Select menu. I know where it should be, but it just aint there...

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          Level 7

          Launch the CC 2014 version, not the older version.

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            jjaylad Level 1

            I have the same problem and I am using the latest version 14.2.1  x64

            When I check for updates ..there are none.


            I do note that my start menu shows

            • Adobe Photoshop CC,
            • Adobe Photoshop CC (64 bit)
            • Adobe Photoshop 2014


            I can start whichever one I want and none has that selection tool.


            I got on a chat with Adobe Help and found that after regular hours they can't help you because all they know is enough to be dangerous on installation questions and nothing at all about 'tech' support, so I have to pursue it during business hours. I can only imagine the wait times.

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              Jeff Schewe Level 5

              No..Photoshop CC does NOT have the new features...you need Photoshop CC (2014) which is version 15, to access the new features. It's a new app upgrade, not an update to Photoshop CC.

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                jjaylad Level 1

                Thanks Jeff.

                I have the right version and it was installed immediately before the latest

                LR but when opening PS from LR it was opening cc not 2014. I noticed a

                shortcut to PS on my task bar pointed to the old one too, so replaced that

                with a shortcut to 2014, and now LR opens 2014 and I have the new selection

                tool. The marvels of Windows 8 ?