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    Call from Adobe License Compliance Consultant - My Production Premium CS 5 - Material No. 65053971 - Purchased from Adobe.com at $1,529.10 cannot be used in my organization


      I purchased 6 Units of Production Premium CS5 5.0 WIN - Material No. 65053971 at $1,529.10 each.


      Invoice: 22644111 at Adobe.com on 25th Dec 2010.


      I did this because there were a lot of scams with student versions being sold as full versions at that time for commercial use.


      However today i got a call (well multiple) from - Ranjan Mukherjee and I am from Denave India Pvt. Ltd. ("Denave"). Denave has been authorized to communicate with your company/establishment on behalf of Adobe in relation to software legalization-related matters in India.

      He basically stated that my licenses were not for commercial use and that i could not use it in my organization and that they were for student use. He wanted me to purcahse additional licenses from him.


      I would like to know if this is true? I have purchase the full version of this software as i assumed that it was for commerical use.


      Here is the contact information of the people:


      Ranjan Mukherjee

      Adobe License Compliance Consultant

      Denave India Pvt. Ltd.

      Email : den37535@adobe.com


      Ayaz Aziz den38114@adobe.com

      Amit Kumar den46425@adobe.com

      Pradeep Singh den23241@adobe.com