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    file paths in acrobat javascript


      I have an application in java that needs to access a folder on a server in the internal network (not web server). I read the article (http://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/file-paths-acrobat-javascript) about how to set the path to a local folder or file, but I cannot figure out how to access a network folder.


      The application is a function for users to sign a document with a signature image. There are multiple users on a singel computer and every user sign the document with his/her own signature. The script requires a unique password to be entered for the signature to be applied. The password and signature is located in a folder that I want to put on a network drive, but I don't want to map the folder.

      The security level is minimal and based on that the users do not need to know where the signature folder is located - it is all in the javascript.


      The string if the folder is located on the local machine is like this: /c/acrobatsignatures/

      The string if the folder is located on a network server should be something like this: //server/acrobatsignatures/ where acrobatsignatures is the shared folder.


      Any suggestions are appreciated