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    Question on design of new layer comps feature

    Johan Lund

      The new layer comp feature in Photoshop CC 2014 is great. It allows you to access the layer comps within smart objects from another file.


      One very important aspect seem to have gone missing though: Imagine you have 1 master document (e.g. website mockup) with several smart objects inside it (e.g. popup menus). Each of the smart objects have layer comps (e.g. folded / unfolded states) that I can access from the master document. Great!

      Now I want to save a layer comp in the master object that reconfigures layer comps on the various sub smart objects (e.g. showing menus opened/closed). This doesn't work.


      The reason it doesn't work is that a "published" layer comp on a smart object is a property of the smart object. A layer comp can only save visibility/layer styles/position but not properties. So I am forced to manually change the layer comp of all my included smart objects in order to reach the target look of my master document. This makes the feature much less useful.


      Am I missing something? It seems like such an obvious feature to have. Have you considered this when you designed the layer comps feature? Will it be an upcoming feature?