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    Edge Animate HTML input textbox click

    Vishal Kohli



      I want to click a HTML input text box that i added in the symbol at the end of the timeline of edge composition so that the keyboard of the mobile shows up to input data into text field,

      How can i do that at the end of timeline, the keyboard pops up to enter the data into input field.


      After installing app using phonegap on mobile, i am able to click and keyboard shows up but not when i try to invoke it through click event at timeline complete event.


      Code to add HTML into symbol 'symbol1' for text box 'CodeDisplay' :


      Symbol.bindSymbolAction(compId, symbolName, "creationComplete", function(sym, e) {

         var input = $('<input/>').attr({'type':'tel','value':'','id':'Stage_CodeDisplay_Input','maxlength':'8 '});

         input_CodeDisplay .css('font-size',80);

         input_CodeDisplay .css('font-family',"Arial");

         input_CodeDisplay .css('width',750);

         input_CodeDisplay .css('border','none');

         input_CodeDisplay .css('input-border','none');

         input_CodeDisplay .css('outline','0');




      Code to invoke click event at the end of timeline


      Symbol.bindTimelineAction(compId, symbolName, "Default Timeline", "complete", function(sym, e) {

         // insert code to be run at timeline end here





      Please help.

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          dharmk Adobe Employee

          HI Vishal,


          Animate runtime doesn't know that the id of the instance CodeDisplay has been changed later. Thus you should still be able to use:



          Or else, you can simply use the following:


          Anytime you face issues like this, check the returned value from the selector, eg: console.log(sym.getSymbol('symbol1').$('CodeDisplay')). It will tell you if you have the reference to the correct object that you are expecting.

          hope this helps, I haven't really tried out the code myself.



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