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    Retrieved forms are missing information


      I've been getting a number of complaints from applicants who have said that when they retrieve their form, information that had been previously saved is now missing. I am sure one is user error (they didn't save), but 3 others I trust definitely saved, retrieved the form and saw the information, worked on other sections, saved again, and when they went back, previously saved answers were missing.


      We have broken our form into multiple pages to keep the online version in manageable chunks. Could the problem be when the user works on page 8, saves, goes back to page 4 to rework something, and saves again? Thereby removing everything saved later than the last page they were on?


      Proposals are due tomorrow, and I have a lot of panicked people who have a lot of work to redo in a short time. Is there anything you can do? Any way to restore the information?