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    Gradients showing with bands on new LCD


      I am not sure this is Fireworks problem and I would be quite surprised if it is. I just upgraded changed monitors from a SamSung CRT to a LG LCD. Now when I open my old source files containing gradients - especially the vertical gradients - I see a lot of 'bands' or 'stripes' showing instead of nice smooth gradients.

      I must say I just re-installed Fireworks (version 8) to fix some file association problems but I would be very surprised if this re-installation is what's causing the 'jaggies' in the gradients. The fact that my old CRT still shows smooth gradients tells me that's it's the LCD. But, I have also tested my images on 5 different LCD monitors, and I still saw the 'bands'.

      Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

      P.S. Using JPGs and PNGs for my linear gradients. Though the 'bands' are somewhat less visible in the PNGs than in the JPGs, they are still very perceptible.