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    Movie Clip Resizing

      I have tried two other newsgroup and another forum and no one has responded to my question. I don't know whether it is because it is not possible or no one knows the answer. If it is not possible, that would be helpful information.

      Is it possible to prevent a movie clip from resizing when the main movie resizes?
      If so, how?

      Many thanks to whomever can help. :)
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          Rothrock Level 5
          If the clip is a child of the main movie, then it isn't possible. Unless you measure how much the main movie is resized and then apply an inverse size.

          So for example if the main movie gets twice (2 times) you need to make the child clip 1/2 (50 percent).

          But my real guess is that you are tryiing to do somekind of webpage where the backkground and stage area resize to the size of the browser, but the artwork stays at a small size? In that case search for tutorials that use onResize.