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    Problems importing then applying paragraph styles to Word Perfect-generated RTF files.

    chrisnaylor Level 1

      I have been trying to import Word Perfect files into InDesign CS5 documents.

      As InDesign doesn't seem to support import of native Word Perfect files, I have been saving them as RTF.

      But when I Place the RTF files into a text box (defined on a Master Page) subsequent attempts to Select All and then apply a Paragraph style to the text often leave several pages of paragraphs at the end of the document unformatted.

      I can get round this by manually going through the text and applying the appropriate paragraph styles; all except for the final paragraph in the text - for this, the only solution I have found is to manually apply the paragraph style but using the option to clear overrides.


      Also, after the Place, unwanted Object placeholders (eg Graphics boxes) sometimes appear in the text.


      The RTF files look okay to me and I have tried reinstaling InDesign.


      Does anyone have any ideas?