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    Choosing audio track in a multi audio track video (Quicktime or WMV)

    Raider008 Level 1
      Morning all,
      Quicktime and Windows Media support multiple audio tracks in a single .mov or .wmv file. I have a couple .mov's and .wmv's with 4 different audio tracks in each one (such a space saver). On my menu in director, i have 4 buttons which point to the same video. how do i have it so that if i press "audio 1" button the video will play with the first audio channel from the video..., or if i press "audio 2" button the second audio channel will play, etc etc.

      Think of a DVD with multiple language tracks, but instead it's a quicktime/wmv file.

      I tried using the setTrackEnable but no matter which button I choose, it's always the first audio track in the video. maybe I'm scripting it wrong? Here is the codes I've tried

      chances are i did this all wrong...but why not

      on mouseup me
      sprite(5).setTrackEnabled(2, false)
      sprite(5).setTrackEnabled(3, true)
      sprite(5).setTrackEnabled(4, false)
      sprite(5).setTrackEnabled(5, false)

      (note: for each language, I change from true to false)

      I've also tried

      on mouseup me
      sprite(5).setTrackEnabled(X, true)

      Where X is replaced with a track number (ie 2, 3, 4...)

      Any ideas? I can use either Quicktime or Windows Media, so a code for either would work for me.