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    How to play 2 different symbols with one click?


      I've read through several posts that asked similar questions, but none of them seemed to have the exact same issue, and then I just couldn't wrap my head around some of the answers. So I decided to ask my own question.


      My button is buried within 2 levels of symbols and I want to play the timeline within my current symbol as well as the timeline in the symbol one level up. This is what my hierarchy looks like - stage / fullRadial / smRadial / button


      So within the actual button code, this is what I have now -


      sym.play("Blue Spin");


      sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("fullRadial").play("Purple Corner");

      So I'm trying to play a label within smRadial (the symbol my button is inside of) and I want to play a label in the main symbol as well. Right now, it's skipping my first action ("Blue Spin") and it's only playing my "Purple Corner" label.

      Is there something simple I can add to have it play both? Thanks for any help you can give.


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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Randall,Seems like you have a label with a space between 2 words. This is not possible. Is purple corner a label name? If yes rename your label purpleCorner instead. Same with blue spin.


          So is blue spin your button or another symbol or what.


          If you have a symbol this way:




          Assuming symbol1a is an animation with a label named 'start', and the main timeline with a label named 'go', I would use in composition ready


















          Hope this helps.

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